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Manufacturing Training LMS for Workers

Upgrade Your Plant and Corporate Office Efficiencies

Safety, efficiency, and improving skills are critical for any manufacturer. Workers must learn new technologies faster and optimize the time they spend in both the plant and the corporate office.

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Catalyst for Navigating Change

Let’s face it—change is hard. Making it stick? Even harder.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Technology and economic demands are pushing manufacturers to move faster while working with less. D2L can help you keep up and get ahead of the competition with an easy-to-use learning system that will benefit any worker, no matter their experience level.

D2L Advantages

With D2L, You Can:

Find out how D2L can help you build a modern learning culture that addresses your unique workforce challenges.

  • Learn anywhere and at any time with a mobile app and responsive design
  • Consolidate plant-level training into one engaging, accessible system
  • Leverage an agile/lean methodology by quickly creating and delivering training with built-in content creation tools

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